Kassell “Kas” Charlemagne

Motorcycling saved my life. Woah, right? Well, let me back up a bit…

In 2015 I emigrated to U.S. from England, so I could continue pursuing a promising relationship with the man who became my husband - Christopher. Even though we were doing well, I became very homesick & depressed. I needed something to help me out of this rut & decided to give a motorcycling a try. I figured it’d get me out of the house more often.

I found a few local bike groups and made some friends, but I didn’t feel the connection I was after. I kept thinking, riding would be so fun with guys “like me”. Even though I am out as a gay man, I felt like the level of brotherhood & love I was seeing among these people would be impossible for me to experience considering the people I was meeting.

I began looking for a gay motorcycle group in the PNW & found BRMC. I showed up just to see what the club was all about but ended up riding with the club in the pride parade - the whole day was awesome. Everyone was friendly & courteous. Finally, I wasn’t an outsider. I had found my people.

I haven’t missed an event or ride since that day & I’ve met so many wonderful people. I found what I was searching for, a family of gay men who support each other & love motorcycling! I can’t help but want to become a member of, and avid contributor to, this special band of brothers.

Learning to ride, falling in love with the open road, and getting to know the BRMC has helped me get back to the happy, loving person I once was. BRMC has been an important part of that & I can’t think of anything sweeter than being a part of this club; and a contributing member of this brotherhood.