June Newsletter


The Border Riders Motorcycle Club (BRMC) is an organized group of guys who like to ride and camp.  Our membership spans the Pacific Northwest, with the greatest participation in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver B.C.  We have one of the largest memberships of gay clubs in North America, and welcome like-minded guests to join us on our monthly club events and local activities during the riding months.  Check the main page of the website at http://borderriders.com for additional information. 

Monthly Recap

The 2018 season kicked-off with the 49th annual Victoria Day campout at Pine Flats Campground, Washington.  As usual, it was a mixed bag of weather, ranging from beautiful warm sunshine to driving rain.  We were all prepared, with 36 members and guests signing up for the run (noting that a few could not be with us at the last moment).  

The early arrivals all helped to get the event organized by bringing out the hardware from the Entiat storage locker (Thanks, Dan), rounding up the generator, and shopping for food.  Back at camp, the tents, tables, chairs, and kitchen were set up and made ready for the next wave of arrivals.

Rain.  Yeah, there was rain.  Let's just say about an inch fell the first night which made for an early turn-in.  Saturday was not too bad, and many choose to ride to outlying places, while others explored local towns.  The kitchen crews kept everyone happy with great chow, including thick steaks for Saturday's dinner. 

Sunday saw the ceremony held in remembering those no longer with us this year.  Some guys headed back and others stayed another day to help tear down camp and get everything all dried and stowed for next year.

Group Photo - Victoria Day, Pine Flats Campground, Washington

Group Photo - Victoria Day, Pine Flats Campground, Washington

Mark and Leo take up camp at a prime spot next to the river.

Mark and Leo take up camp at a prime spot next to the river.

Dan constructs the opening campfire arrangement.

Dan constructs the opening campfire arrangement.

Randy rides in after a long day on the road.

Randy rides in after a long day on the road.

What are they looking at? A UFO drone that Don brought to take some high altitude photos.

What are they looking at? A UFO drone that Don brought to take some high altitude photos.

Gathered around for Saturday Night steak dinner.

Gathered around for Saturday Night steak dinner.



From the Handlebars of the President

It is hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since our 49th Victoria Day.  As others have stated we did have a bit of rain this year.   Sunday was a gorgeous day for those that stayed over.   We had a fun day of relaxing around the camp with a few going off to explore some forest service roads.  We finished up loading the truck Sunday evening and by 8:30 Sunday morning just about everyone had left camp.  Some met Dan at the storage locker in Entiat to unload the truck and return the rental equipment while other hit the road.

We decided to return home via the North Cascades Highway.  It was a beautiful day for a ride and as usual the ride over the pass was great.  Traffic was minimal on Monday and we stopped at several viewpoints to take in the scenery. 

Thanks again to everyone for pitching in and helping to create another great Victoria Day.   And in just two short weeks we will be camping in Oregon and riding in the Portland Parade.   The parade this year, as is tradition, will be led by the Dykes on Bikes.  One of the parade organizers has for several years had a vision of having a motorcycle group also be the last entry in the parade.  And this year that will be happening with the Border Riders being the final entry.   Please be sure to invite your friends to join us.  I am looking forward to the June camp out as well as riding in the parade. 

Road Captain Rumblings

The 49th Annual Victoria Day was a little wet, not a soaker, but enough to dampen the spirits a little and reduce the riding a little bit.  It seems that the weather recently alternates years for us, so the 50th should be a great weekend!  I failed at my road captain duties in that the notes said the directional signs for the campground were in the locker at Entiat when in fact they were at home.  Because of that the only guest that hasn’t been there before gained the nickname of “Ditch” after missing the campground and having a little mishap turning around.  I want to thank those that helped in my absence as my time was limited due to work.


Looking ahead to the summer season the 3-month forecast calls for warmer than normal temperatures so that will likely mean limited campfires on the runs again this year. The first ride only run is June 15-17 at Milo McIver State Park, followed by riding in the Portland Pride Parade on the 17th. The campground is near Estacada, a 45-minute ride from Portland. The site has flush toilets and the park boasts it’s 27-hole disc golf (basically frisbee) course and discs are available to rent or buy. There are good roads around the Mount Hood area for day rides. For those familiar with Butler Motorcycle maps the red, orange and yellow highlighted roads are the ones we're looking for and there are plenty in the area.

Map around Estacada.jpg

I hope to see many of you at the runs throughout the summer, get out and ride. 

Dennis Hummel, Road Captain 2018

Upcoming June Event

The June 15-17 campout will be at the Milo McIver park near Estacada, OR.  In addition, following the campout on Sunday, riders will be participating in the Portland Pride Parade.

Cost is for the campout is $25 for members, $35 for guests, Canadian prices adjusted per the standing order.  Watch your emails for registration opening and reminders to register.

The Border Riders Motorcycle Club will be in the Portland Pride Parade on Sunday, June 17st.  The Club will be the last contingent in the parade. We have done this in the past and had a great time. Being the last in the parade means that we will have time to wander around the stepping off area and visit the other contingents.

Interested?  Here is some information for you. You will have to register with the NW Pride Committee and the cost is $20.    The link to register is on the Border Riders website;  https://borderriders.com/rides/2018/6/17/ride-with-pride.  You must have a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Parade starts at 11:00am.  Assembly time is 10:15am but since we are the last contingent, we are being allowed to show up later. Expected time we will enter parade is 1:00pm.  Assembly area is in North Park Blocks area, and we are expecting to meet at NW Glisan St and NW 9th Ave.

If you have any further questions, text Mark Brayford (last year’s Road Captain) at 503/480-6937 or markbrayford@hotmail.com

Hope you can join us!

From the Parade website

Motorcycle Rules: Due to City of Portland ordinance, no motorcycle rider shall rev their motor, circle, ride figure eights, wheelie, or any other “hot-rodding” behavior. All motorcycles shall proceed along designated parade routes in a “traffic-like manner”.Pride Northwest reserves the right to determine and limit the use of motorcycles in the parade. Helmets are not required DURING the parade, but all city and state laws are required before and after the parade.

Basically, ride like you are on a normal street; wear your helmet before and after, and no “revving” of motors.

From the Pockets of the Treasurer

Yo Bros,

I’ve got 3 things on my list this month. First is a correction and kudo to Dave H. Second an update on the pride parade and how to get BRMC to pay for ½ your entrance fee. Last, an update on the motorcycle “Riders Skills Practice Class”.

Most importantly, let me start by correcting a statement I made at VD. I gave kudos to Joe C, Jack O, and Dave J for making a contribution to the 50th Anniversary Fund. While all that was true, I neglected to give kudos to Dave H as well. After the meeting Dave H pointed out to me that he also made a contribution. It turned out that Dave did make a $100 donation in 2017. This happened before I became treasurer and when I was setting up this account to fit my software, I missed this contribution. My apologies to Dave H and I thank Dave for bringing this error to my attention in such a professional manner, privately. Big Kudos to Dave H for making this generous donation of $100 to the 50th Anniversary fund. Thanks Dave for your generous support.

OK, onto the Pride Parade and how to get BRMC to pay for ½ your entrance fee. Since you all read this newsletter you will know there was a vote at the April meeting to have the club pay for ½ the pride parade entrance fee of $20, it passed. To be reimbursed, please bring a legible, printed copy of the paid slip you will receive (via e-mail) from Pride NW showing your name and I will see to it you get paid. As an option, you could also give me this same receipt and let me know you would like to donate your $10 to the 50th Anniversary fund and I will be happy to take care of that for you as well. I will only be accepting these receipts when we gather at NW 9th and Glisan in preparation to ride in the parade.

Finally, the motorcycle “Riders Skills Practice Class”. The class is described as “This half day course for licensed riders sharpens cornering, braking & emergency maneuvering skills. Whether you’ve been riding one your or 20, RSP will improve your skills and awareness.” Also, don’t forget that this class may qualify you for an insurance discount so check with your insurance agent. The date for the class is set for Saturday June 23rd, 2018. We need to be on site no later than 12:45. The site is a parking lot on the Clackamas Community College Campus in Oregon City, OR. The class will wrap up between 4 & 5. As in other classes, I will set up a place to meet for lunch prior to the class but that will be done privately for the attendees. We might also go on a small warm up ride prior to lunch but again, that will be for the attendees. The cost is $100 and you will need to register ASAP to insure your spot. To register, call Tammi at Team Oregon 800.545.9944 & she will get you hooked up. We were not able to make this class a private event so you are competing with the public for a spot. I am expecting about ½ a dozen of us to attend. Please contact me at Stanley.V.Christiansen@gmail.com once you have registered so I can make sure you know what we are doing prior to the class. I also need to state, this class, warm up ride, lunch….. is NOT a club sanctioned event. Please feel encouraged to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this event.

I hope to see you all at the next campout and at the pride parade. That’s it from the money man.


Calendar of 2018 Events

  • January 20 Annual General Meeting – Seattle

  • February 17 Anniversary Banquet – Vancouver, BC

  • March 17 Club Meeting

  • April 21 Club Meeting

  • May 18-21 Victoria Day Weekend Camp

  • June 15-17 Milo McIver, Estacada, OR & Portland Pride

  • July 20-21 Evans Group, Kettle Falls, WA

  • August 17-20 Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC

  • September 14-16 Bear Hollow Camp, Fossil, OR

  • October 20 Club Meeting

  • November 17 Club Meeting

  • December 8 Holiday Party


We have 5 members with birthdays this month.  Please take a moment to wish them a great day.

  • Mark B - Jun 28

  • David F - Jun 28

  • Ron L - Jun 17

  • Iain M - Jun 08

  • Ron VD - Jun 20

Meet & Greets

BRMC members will be available for new and returning guys to connect and learn more about the club and opportunities to participate.  If you are interested, check out when and where in the cities listed below.  Also, in addition to the club's monthly events, local rides may be organized, weather permitting.  To lean more, email the Road Captain for specific details, or to ensure a member to meet you, at captain@borderriders.com.

Portland: Meet & Greet - 1st Tuesday of the month, 7pm at The Portland Eagle

Seattle: Meet & Greet - 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7pm at The Cuff

Vancouver BC: Please contact the Road Captain for arrangements

Contributions of Photos & Stories

If you have photos and stories to share, please send to news@borderriders.com