March 2019 Newsletter

49th Annual Anniversary Banquet

49th Annual Anniversary Banquet


The Border Riders Motorcycle Club (BRMC) is an organized group of guys who like to ride and camp.  Our membership spans the Pacific Northwest, with the greatest participation in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver B.C.  We have one of the largest memberships of gay clubs in North America, and welcome like-minded guests to join us on our monthly club events and local activities during the riding months.  Check the main page of the website at for additional information. 

February 49th Anniversary Banquet Recap

Wow! What an amazing evening it was with BRMC celebrating their 49th Anniversary Banquet at the beautiful Eastmoreland Golf Club in Portland. Eastmoreland was established in 1917 as the first public golf course in the City of Portland.  It is set in the beautiful Eastmoreland neighborhood and the water features are fed from natural springs rising in the adjacent Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.  We filled the room with 22 members and 17 guests, then we all enjoyed social time before we devoured a delicious buffet of various tasty dishes. Following dinner installation of the 2019 officers, awards, and presentation of club colors to our newest member occurred. This was followed by the 2018 video prepared and a slide presentation.


High Mileage Award - Alan H totally road off with the award this year with an untold number of miles as he gallivanted around the country.

2018 Rider of the Year.jpg

Rider of the Year - Presented by the board to Joe C for his work on building and maintaining our new Website.

Year in review video presentation and background slideshow - Dave J provided this year’s review of our meetings and rides. Many thanks goes out to all those who contributed photos and video for the effort. In addition, Tom C put together a presentation of some photos and stories of the earliest days of BRMC. Many fun and meaningful stories were shared, and gave us a better historical base in which to understand our club.


Installation of officers The 2019 officers are:

  • President - Jeff C

  • Vice President - Dan S

  • Treasurer - Stan C

  • Secretary - John D


New Member Kas C is our newest member. Give it up for Kas!

49th Anniversary Banquet BRMC Members and Guests

49th Anniversary Banquet BRMC Members and Guests


From the Handlebars of the President

I am in Montana as I write this.  I made a surprise visit to Montana to help celebrate my father’s 80th birthday.   It is 13 degrees out and around of two feet of snow on the ground.  It is definitely winter here.  This much snow and cold is unusual for this time of year.

It seemed that everyone had a great time at the 49th Anniversary Banquet.  We had 38 members and guest present.  Jeff B did a great job selecting the location and the food was great.  We had an abundance of gear that was brought for the gear swap.  Everything from motorcycle gear such as helmets, chaps, boots and jackets to non-motorcycle gear such as handcuffs, cod pieces, and such.  Some of the items found new owners and some of it went back home with the ones that brought it.  

It was great to see honorary member Roy S there as well as one of the club’s former members Les G.  Both has some good stories to share about the early days of the club.  


Following the meeting everyone seemed to scatter to various places with the locals returning home and many of the out of town members and guests to the places they were staying.  As usual the local members were gracious to house the out of town members and guests.  Tim and I ended up going to Daddybone at the Local Lounge and stayed out later than planned.   The next morning a group of 12 of us met for breakfast at Jubitz Truck Stop.  More socializing was to be had as well as good food.   Following breakfast, a group of eight of us headed to Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island, east of Portland.  Cistus is a rare plant nursery.  Some browsed briefly while others took time and selected some plants to take home.  

Our next meeting will be hosted by member Don W in Lynwood on March 16th.  Registration is open on the website.  We will begin to discuss plans for Victoria Day Weekend as well as other club business.  Be sure to register early.

Seattle’s February M&G

Feb M&G.jpg

We had five members and two guests present at the Seattle Meet and Greet in February.   Part of the group had Thai food at Manao Thai Street Eats beforehand and the others had Chinese at Regent Baker & Café.  The March Meet and Greet will be on March 20th at 7:00 pm at the Cuff Complex.  Come out and join us for a belated St Patty’s.    

Jeff C

2019 President


Road Captain Rumblings

I have 3 key points for this newsletter:


1.       If you can get out of the driveway its riding season.   Winter has come late this year, but once you get in the ruts the tires can’t move around too much; kind of like being on train tracks.  Once they plow all bets are off 😊

2.       This season runs are lined up – Oregon in June, Eastern Washington in July, British Columbia in August.  I’d like to get Road Captain buddies for the runs for helping determining restaurants and information for the events.  Fossil last year proved how much things can change in a few years as far as availability for hosting us, and left us scrambling to find places. 

3.       Looking ahead to next year – there usually have been places to vote on at VD, but in spite of voting, availability is constantly an issue.  Is there someplace we’ve been in the past that you really liked and want to go to again?   If so, let me know, don’t know everyone’s tastes and experiences. 

Remember, paint up, rubber down.



Treasurer’s Ramblings

OK, I have to admit, I had a blast auctioning off those gift certificates at the banquet. I am so pleased that you guys got involved and we raised as much money as we did. Congratulations to Tom for having the, very generous, winning bid for the RSP Class and congratulations to Andre for having the winning bid for the ART Class. The fact that Andre then gave the gift certificate to Dale who had been bidding against him still brings a big smile to my face. Impressive move Andre! THANK YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!

Club Finances & Such


The club started off the new year by collecting all the Annual Dues, with only 1 exception and that person paid their dues on 3/1/19 so, YIPEEE.  I will balance this account ASAP, maybe in late April or early May.

Club finances are fine. Bank balances are where I expect them to be. I hope to have Financial Reports done before the March Meeting. I will see to it they get posted to the members only area of the website shortly there after or ASAP. Please work with me during tax season. I’m doing my best.

Portland’s February M&G & Day Ride

Portland had one Meet & Greet “M&G” in February and it was barely attended. Or is it bearly attended? I want to thank Blue for taking the helm for this meeting. I simply couldn’t make it. Thank you Blue!

We decided to go the motorcycle show that weekend but the snow kept people from making it. I went alone and saw some beautiful eye candy. Some of it even had chrome on it.

Don’t forget, Portland’s next M&G will be on “Wednesday”, March 6th at the Eagle on Lombard at 7:00 pm. Jeff B will be leading this meeting so stop by and say hi?

Keep in mind that if you decide to go for a ride and would like someone to ride with, you can always post something on our FB page. Hopefully you’ll get a response and have someone to ride with. If you are not familiar with our FB page and need help finding us, please contact me via e-mail, and let’s get you hooked up.

 2019 Team Oregon Motorcycle Class Schedule

In addition to the 50th Anniversary events, I would like to bring to your attention 3 motorcycle skills enhancement classes I have set up with Team Oregon. The first is their RSP class happening on Saturday, June 1st. The second is their ART class happening on Monday, June 17th. The third is their AMT class happening on September 14th.

Registration has opened for the RSP & ART classes and only BRMC members, guest, and friends will be able to register for these classes until May 1st. On May 1st these classes will be opened to the public. We need 12 people to register for the RSP Class and 18 to register for the ART Class to keep it closed for us only.

We don’t require that you be gay or male in order to attend. All we ask is that you are gay or gay friendly. These events are about learning to ride and becoming a better/safer rider in a non-judgmental environment of people who will support you and want you to succeed without being hackled by non-gay friendly people. If you have a friend or a family member that would like to take one of these classes and would be a fun addition to the event, let’s get them informed and have them register to go with us.

Again, to register for one of these classes, call Team Oregon at 541.737.2459 & tell them you would like to register for “The Border Riders Class on June/____/2019. They should be able to get you registered.

There will likely be a social event before and after these classes. For that reason, I am asking everyone who registers to contact me at the same time. This will allow me to make sure they get invited to the whole event and not just the class.


RSP Class

The RSP Class is their Riders Skills Practice Class. It will begin around noon and will last 4 hours. This course is in Oregon City, OR. It’s mostly about emergency maneuvers and working out the cobwebs we acquire during the winter. I have taken this class 3 or 4 times and every time I learn something. I’ve already registered for this class again. The fee for this class is $99. For more information about this class, visit Team Oregon at


ART Class

      The ART Class is their Advanced Riders Training Class. It will begin around noon and last for about 4 hours. The course is in Canby, OR. This class is designed to further our cornering skills. The course is a go cart race track and while not intended for high speeds, sorry Dale, I believe it will give us the skills to handle corners more “efficiently”. The fee for this class is $179. For more information about this class, visit Team Oregon at


AMT Class

OK, as if that wasn’t enough training for one year, Team Oregon and I have worked out a special deal for BRMC. Team Oregon will set up a private class on Saturday, September 14th just for us. I am still working out the time for this class, but this is going to be an abbreviated version of their Police Training Course. Can you believe this? It is called their AMT or Advanced Motors Training Class. I’m so freaking excited.

 I think the version they are putting together for us is the one we all watch on You Tube and wish we could get a chance on that field of orange cones doing tight maneuvers, a clock ticking, music playing on a loud speaker and people cheering us onto a finish line. It turns out Team Oregon trains the police for this and they are offering a version of it to us to help us kick off our 50th Anniversary Rally happening in September. Yahoo!

I doubt we will have a loud speaker and we will need to be our own cheering crowd, but the course is real, and I know many of you have dreamt about this. I know because we’ve talked about it. As Collin would have said, bounce, bounce, bounce.

As if it could get any better, an anonymous donor has donated the entire class for anyone affiliated with BRMC, who would like to attend. Seriously, it’s free to anyone of us who wants to spend a couple hours playing on this course while getting feedback from their instructors. The course is in Albany, OR and it’s on the way to our 1st 50th Anniversary Rally check-in happening that Saturday night in Roseburg, OR. IT’S ON THE WAY. I believe it would be a horrible lost opportunity if we didn’t take advantage of this. I hope you gents are as excited about this as I am. What a hoot! I can’t wait!

I know it will be a stretch for some of you more northern riders to get there by noon or 1 so I am hoping the Seattle and Portland people will open their homes Friday night. This will make it possible for the northerner who want to play on this course but live too far north to get to the course by noon or 1.

Additional information about this class can be found at

BTW, these events I put together with Team Oregon are not a BRMC sanctioned event. This is just me organizing these classes because I keep getting requests for it, I love them, and I learn something every time I go.

Closing Statement

I hope you all are getting the new year off to a good start. I honestly hope to see you at one of our upcoming events and if you should have any questions or comments about anything I am dealing with, please feel encouraged to contact me & let us chat.


Stan Christiansen

BRMC Treasurer


Welcome New Member - Kas

Below is the bio that Kas prepared to introduce himself to the club.

Motorcycling saved my life. Woah, right? Well, let me back up a bit…


In 2015 I emigrated to U.S. from England, so I could continue pursuing a promising relationship with the man who became my husband - Christopher. Even though we were doing well, I became very homesick & depressed. I needed something to help me out of this rut & decided to give a motorcycling a try. I figured it’d get me out of the house more often.

I found a few local bike groups and made some friends, but I didn’t feel the connection I was after. I kept thinking, riding would be so fun with guys “like me”. Even though I am out as a gay man, I felt like the level of brotherhood & love I was seeing among these people would be impossible for me to experience considering the people I was meeting.

I began looking for a gay motorcycle group in the PNW & found BRMC. I showed up just to see what the club was all about but ended up riding with the club in the pride parade - the whole day was awesome. Everyone was friendly & courteous. Finally, I wasn’t an outsider. I had found my people.

I haven’t missed an event or ride since that day & I’ve met so many wonderful people. I found what I was searching for, a family of gay men who support each other & love motorcycling! I can’t help but want to become a member of, and avid contributor to, this special band of brothers.

Learning to ride, falling in love with the open road, and getting to know the BRMC has helped me get back to the happy, loving person I once was. BRMC has been an important part of that & I can’t think of anything sweeter than being a part of this club; and a contributing member of this brotherhood.


50th Anniversary Celebration

The 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee is busy planning one heck of a year for us that will not soon be forgotten.  Among the events planned are:

  • Victoria Day, May 17-20, Pine Flats Camp, Ardenvoir, WA - new and old activities planned

  • 50th Anniversary Rally, September 14-21 - come ride with us for an 8 day journey through Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.  Join for all or part of the journey, ride as far and long as you wish.  Guests welcomed.

  • 50th Anniversary Banquet, February 15, 2020 - we will wind down the year with a grand finale event.

Registration for the Rally has opened. There is a sheet on our web-site “Summary Packet” that contains a list of all the hotels we will be staying at and their contact information so you can make your reservations. There is also a day by day description of each days ride and maps for each day. You can find the “Summary Packet” and “Maps with notes” at the bottom of the day by day description.

Stay tuned each month for more details and also check out the club website.

Calendar of 2019 Events

  • January 19 Annual General Meeting - Seattle, WA

  • February 16 Anniversary Banquet - Portland, OR

  • March 16 Club Meeting - Don W, Lynnwood, WA

  • April 20 Club Meeting - Dan S, Oakville, WA

  • May 17-20 Victoria Day Weekend Camp - Pine Flats Campground, Ardenvoir, WA 

  • June 14-16 Bear Springs Group Campground, Maupin, OR

  • July19-21 Lewis & Clark Trail State Park, Dayton, WA

  • August 16-18, Willows Campground, Lillooet, BC

  • September 14-21 50th Anniversary Ride - OR, WA, BC

  • September 21 Club Meeting, Bellingham, WA

  • October 19 Club Meeting - TBD

  • November 16 Club Meeting - TBD

  • December 14 Holiday Party - TBD


We have 5 members with a birthday this month.  Please take a moment to wish them a great day.

  • Joe C

  • Dave H

  • Doug H

  • Pat T

  • Randy T

Meet & Greets

BRMC members will be available for new and returning guys to connect and learn more about the club and opportunities to participate.  If you are interested, check out when and where in the cities listed below.  Also, in addition to the club's monthly events, local rides may be organized, weather permitting.  To lean more, email the Road Captain for specific details, or to ensure a member to meet you, at

Portland: Meet & Greet - 1st Wednesday of the month, 7pm at The Portland Eagle

Vancouver BC Meet & Greet - 2nd Wednesday of the month. Time & Location YTBD

Seattle: Meet & Greet - 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7pm at The Cuff

Contributions of Photos & Stories


If you have photos and stories to share, please send to